Since most of the classroom volunteers are recruited from the available pool of retired technical people in the southern Maine area, the particular volunteers available change from time-to-time. Volunteers are added and occasionally a volunteer retires. Volunteers receive orientation in classroom activities and serve a period of “on the job training” under the supervision of an experienced volunteer before they solo in a classroom or after-school program.

The following is a list of volunteer scientists available to schools at the present time. In some cases there are two or more individuals who meet the description.

  • Chemist.  Specializing in physical chemistry and commercial chemical product development before retirement.
  • Biochemist. Retired following career in academic medical research.
  • Physicist. Retired from college teaching.
  • Applied Physicist/Electronics Engineer.  Retired from consulting engineering practice.
  • Mathematician and Science Generalist.  Retired as head of math education department at Syracuse University.
  • M.D. Retired.  Broad knowledge of biological subject and general science.
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Mechanical Engineer/Marine Engineer.  Not retired but sponsored by his employer for regular participation in program on a regular basis for many years.
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Geologist and Environmental Scientist
  • Biophysicists.  Retired from university teaching and research


One of the MSSV volunteers (retired electrical engineer) works with 8th grade students on a project of construcitng a simple electric motor.




Group of Volunteers during a training session. These people have constructed some special equipment for demonstrations of Newton's laws. We used to give the equipment to the schools, now MSSV tends to maintain ownership of the equipment to share with other schools.




As part of the "Buoyancy and Density" program, a volunteer shows an example of Archimedes' principal. Note he simple equipment used.